Special discount for Techspeak for Entrepreneurs Bootcamp in 13-cities

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We are pleased to partner with Webgrrls International and invite you to attend the TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs bootcamp at a discounted rate. Of our 13 cities, pick the one nearest you!

To receive a 15% discount on registration, use code Empower when registering.


Technology Mistakes Cost Entrepreneurs a Fortune

Are you a non-technical entrepreneur?
Do you ask yourself the following questions?
  • What if I hire the wrong tech person?
  • Why is my tech project costing so much?
  • How has this project fallen so far behind?
  • Am I getting ripped off?
Do you speak the same language with your tech team?
Miscommunication between business and tech cause many mistakes and delays…costly mistakes and delays.
Business and tech people think differently and almost speak a different language
Learning TechSpeak will help you build your business effectively and efficiently!

Your tech freedom is just a weekend away!
Attend the TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs 3-day bootcamp to learn
the entire Web & Mobile development process so you can communicate effectively
with your development team,
see the red flags and catch mistakes earlier MINIMIZING the damage of mistakes.

At the 3-day bootcamp, you will learn:
  • How to validate your product ideas before building them
  • How to plan, in detail, your entire project so that your tech team will know exactly
    what to do.
  • How to hire the right tech people.
  • How to manage the project and catch mistakes early
  • How to deliver your project on time and on budget
  • And much much more…

15+ How-to Workshops in 3 Days

Hands On Practical & Tactical Experiential Fun

For detailed workshop descriptions go to http://www.techspeakforentrepreneurs.com

Why should you attend?
These two attendees from the TechSpeak launch event sum it up pretty well:

You simply have to take this program! I have learned an
incredible amount! I wish I had an opportunity to take this
class before…I would have saved a lot of money and a lot of
Deborah Jackson
Co-Founder Women Innovate Mobile Accelerator, Founder PlumAlley.com

Anyone considering a website business should begin by
attending this seminar.
It would have saved me thousands of
dollars and an inordinate amount of time, frustration, and
stress. It is truly invaluable.
Susan Wagner
President, Honeymoons.com

Can TechSpeak save you $72,000?
The more you know, the less money you will spend and the fewer mistakes you will
make. Every workshop that I designed was created to save you
money…possibly $72,000+.
Click here to find out how.

Whether you’re considering a start-up of your own, are already on the
entrepreneurial journey, or are innovating from inside a company, we invite you to
join us at TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs! Register Now and Save 15% using code

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