20 gorgeous coworking spaces in the U.S.

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The 20 gorgeous + coolest coworking spaces originally shared and curated by Online MBA. For more great coworking spaces, check out 64 coworking spaces for every entrepreneur listed by city + curated by Under30CEO.

Coworking spaces are a really cool option for a lot of workers that, for whatever reason, don’t really fit in to a traditional office space like startups, telecommuters, small businesses, and especially creatives in search of collaboration. With free coffee and Internet, workspaces, and built-in community, coworking spaces provide a great place to get things done without feeling the isolation of working at home, or trying to overcome the frenetic nature of working in a coffee shop. But some coworking spaces really take things a bit higher, offering gorgeously designed spaces in historic buildings, community events, and even office mascots. We’re really impressed by these 20 coworking spaces, and we encourage you to check them out if you’re in need of a work space in the area.

  1. Link in Austin:

    Austinites love Link so much, it’s “mind-bottling.” Located right near a noodle house, movie theater, and sports bar, Link is in a great spot to get work done and then find some relaxation. Members (and even non-members) can use the clean, professional space to work, conduct meetings, and even hold fun events in the off-hours. It’s clear that Link put a lot of thought into the design of their space, providing co-workers with excellent lighting, some of the best chairs on the market, and even views of inspirational green space. There’s even covered outdoor seating if you feel like heading outside to work.

  2. HeraHub in San Diego:

    Combine a spa with a coworking space, and you’ll have something like San Diego’s HeraHub. This work space is exclusively for women, and it shows, with flowers, candles, soft-lighting, and even chair massages. For women who enjoy beer, this space is right across the street from Karl Strauss Brewing Company. The ladies of HeraHub love the “calming, professional atmosphere,” as well as the opportunity that the “office-spa-oasis” space provides to meet and be inspired by other female entrepreneurs.

  3. 654 Work Cottage in Michigan:

    This super-cute Michigan cottage looks like a house from the outside, but on the inside, it’s a great place for co-workers to find their focus and get some work done. 654 really takes advantage of its homey feel, featuring a rotating gallery of work by local artists for visitors and coworkers to enjoy, and opening up work spaces including the porch, living room, phone booth, study, den and even the garage. Visits start as cheap as $10 for a half day.

  4. theOffice in Santa Monica:

    theOffice is an amazingly inspiring space to work in Santa Monica, providing coworkers with a beautifully designed office full of calming elements: an indoor tree, muted colors, and soft lighting. Coworkers can even head outdoors for some fresh air in the garden office. While at theOffice, you can enjoy amenities including Aeron chairs, a reference library, Bose noise-canceling headphones, and even Hollywood creative directories. You might even enjoy a brush with fame in this space: J.J. Abrams and other notable entertainment industry professionals are among theOffice’s charter members.

  5. Coffee Power in San Francisco:

    If you enjoy the coffeehouse vibe, but hate the coffeehouse distractions, Coffee & Power in San Francisco is a great place to be a co-worker. At Coffee & Power, you’ll find a space that’s a lot like a professional cafe, with free coffee, power (a “zillion easily accessible power outlets”), and fast Wi-Fi. Coffee & Power is reportedly free to join, but members have to take on missions to help out others. Notable investors in this coworking space include Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman.

    See the full list of 20 gorgeously designed coworking spaces at OnlineMBA.

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