Arianna Huffington: Success, Power, Ulcers, and the Need to Redefine Success

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Arianna Huffington on Success, Power, Ulcers, and the Need to Redefine Success.

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The path to real success doesn’t necessarily lead straight up.
I’m often asked how I deal with pressure, criticism, and failure. I’ve had plenty of all three and in the process have learned not to take them to heart.

When The Huffington Post launched to decidedly mixed reviews, including one that said the site was “the movie equivalent of Gigli, Ishtar and Heaven’s Gate rolled into one,” I knew that life would go on. And a year later, when that same reviewer emailed me to ask about blogging for us, I happily said yes, since holding grudges is one of the most draining things you can do.

But even if HuffPost hadn’t been successful, it still would have been a success for me because it was what I wanted to do. And too often we outsource the definition of our success to others in ways that are self-destructive.

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