For next wave of women starting a business, Empower Lounge launches new eBook series to close the gap on missing resources

The Yin and Yang of Starting a Business books are available on Amazon, kobo, and Smashwords

July 15, 2013, Austin, Texas – Empower Lounge is proud to release a series of step-by-step guides written for the next wave of women thinking about starting a business. The series The Yin and Yang of Starting a Business breaks apart the soft and hard skills needed for an entrepreneur to be successful with a goal to minimize their risk and increase their chances of success. The books are available on Amazon, Kobo, and Smashwords.

“After interviewing women who have built multi-million dollar businesses, we saw a common theme where women wished they’d asked some of the tough questions up front, before they got into it,” said Misty Gibbs, Founder of Empower Lounge. “Entrepreneurship looks sexy on the surface, but it’s important to have an idea of what lies ahead when you’ve chosen this path. I know this from my own experience; it touches all parts of your life, your relationships, your bank accounts, and self-confidence. It’s a big step and we want to help guide women on their initial steps of this journey.”

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor reported that over 100 million women around the world started or were running a new venture in 2010. It is predicted that by 2020, there will be more than one billion entrepreneurs around the world with women leading this growth, as they continue to play key roles as breadwinners and starting businesses.

Empower Lounge’s mission is to equip this next wave of women thinking about becoming an entrepreneur with a candid, all-encompassing view of the skills and essential steps it takes to start and grow a successful business. This will give them an opportunity to know what they are getting into and be informed before diving in to increase their chances of success. Although the content is relevant to any gender, the style is targeted to meet the way women consume information and includes motivational quotes from successful women across industries around the world. “We all know the stats about the failure rates for startups, its upwards of 60% within the first two years, but no one really talks about that,” Misty continued, “and we can learn a lot from each other not only from the big successes, but from the people who are plugging away day-in and day-out.”

“There are very few resources targeted at female entrepreneurs in this area,” said Tanya White, co-author of the ebooks. “Women are busy juggling jobs and their households, they want something easy to read, with clearly outlined steps for business success. We designed these books for them.” The ebooks are targeted for budding entrepreneurs before they have embarked on the next step and quit their job or invested their savings. “How many times have we heard during our interviews ‘I wish I’d known that going in’ and we want to close that gap for women,” Tanya continued.

All of the books in the series can be found on Amazon, Kobo, and Smashwords. “We wanted to ensure that books were accessible to everyone, no matter where they lived, and no matter what device they use to read,” says Misty, “having our books available across these platforms enables us to reach women in countries around the world.” The Yin and Yang series of ebooks will continue to grow as Empower Lounge publishes other easy-to-read guides on specific business topics and interviews from women around the world.

About Empower Lounge provides a visually inspiring online destination for women entrepreneurs to access the best business advice, resources and tools via our new eBook series and unplugged interviews with rising stars and women who’ve built $1M+ companies.

About Misty Gibbs

Misty is Founder and CEO of, a digital media and publishing company focused on helping women entrepreneurs access the best advice and tools to minimize their risk and increase their chances of success. She has shared her expertise as web and content strategy advisor for a top women’s accelerator at the Capital Factory in Austin, Texas. Misty’s passion and entrepreneurial tips have inspired audiences on the Huffington Post, Forbes Woman, The Women’s Conference and Austin Women’s Conference. Prior to starting her own business, Misty led sales for several digital advertising startups, two went public. You can connect with Misty on LinkedIn.

About Tanya White

Tanya is the Founder of the digital publishing company behind the brand BabyBird Guide, Knowledge in Bite-Sized Pieces. Tanya is a former marketing executive turned entrepreneur, who coaches entrepreneurs at various stages of launching their startups, from concept to post-launch. You can find Tanya on LinkedIn.


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