Maker’s Row: Best US manufacturing companies in one place

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Have a brilliant idea for a product that you need made by a reliable manufacturing partner located by you? Check out your new BFF, Maker’s Row.

With their comprehensive database of American manufacturers, they make it easy for designers and small/mid-size businesses to find domestic manufacturing partners by state and type of product (handbags, dresses, leather goods, etc).

We might think it’s cheaper to outsource manufacturing oversees but for small businesses this isn’t always the case.

In the Forbes article, co-founder Matthew Burnett says “the cost of production has gone up, as have shipping costs. When mistakes are made overseas and a US-based brand receives subpar goods, it could be more cost effective to fix the mistakes on domestic shores. Also, the travel costs to tool up factories for a product can be exorbitant for a small startup, especially when it can sometimes mean that a company has to have a presence in the factory for up to several months to assure quality. On top of that, companies looking to produce smaller batch orders will have turnaround issues when manufacturing overseas, said Menendez.

Check out Maker’s Row videos that give you a front seat to manufacturing communities across the country. Meet the people that MAKE. 



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