Kickstarter Spotlight: Goldie Blox, The Engineering Toy For Girls Created by Debbie Sterling

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Move over princesses! There’s a new girl in town and her name is Goldie Blox, the kid inventor who loves to build. Debbie has successfully raised $250k+ on kickstarter to help with production costs and bring Goldie Blox to the shelves. Now she’s increased her goal to $400k to expand the series! Let’s help Debbie launch and build a toy company that will have big impact on girls’ lives for generations to come! Click here for more details on Kickstarter!  

The inspiration behind Goldie Blox: ”My name is Debbie and I’m a Stanford engineer. When I was a little girl, I thought the word, “engineering” was nerdy and intimidating and just for boys. I’ve since learned I was so wrong. Engineers build all the important things we use every day…things that make our lives better. The scary truth is that only 11% of engineers are women and girls start losing interest in science as young as age 8!  This is our chance to change that statistic.

I’m creating GoldieBlox to inspire girls the way Legos and Erector sets have inspired boys, for over 100 years, to develop an early interest and skill set in engineering. It’s time to motivate our girls to help build our future.”

What’s Next?

This Kickstarter project is only the beginning of what I intend to create: an entire SERIES of GoldieBlox building stories where she learns about all kinds of engineering concepts including gears, pulleys, circuits, and even coding. I want to equip girls at each age level to challenge themselves and build their dreams. To me, GoldieBlox isn’t a one-off product, oh no. Help me get this first story off the ground, and we will kickstart a movement.

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