Want To Change The World? Stop Talking, Go Build Something

3 years ago by in Best of The Web, Idea To Biz Plan, Launch

I think the most important thing is to get out of theory and hype. Don’t get caught up in the process and the culture of entrepreneurship. Go be an entrepreneur. -Geoffrey Clapp

For Global Entrepreneurship Week, Kaufmann released a new three-minute animated video “Go Be An Entrepreneur.” Serial entrepreneur, Geoffrey Clapp, stresses the importance of less talk and more action by building something and talking to potential customers. Geoffrey also shares what entrepreneurs should expect from advisors and mentors, especially when the business evolves.

“Your core business advisors should be helping with recruiting your team, with your business model, with your distribution model and the product market fit, Clapp says. “If they’re not helping you with one of those four things, if they’re not fundamentally the best in one of those things, they’re the wrong people to be working with and it’s okay to say, ‘I want to upgrade my mentor.’”

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