Visual Inspiration Meets Business Content to Empower Women

Empower Lounge Takes new Approach to delivering content for growing community of Women Entrepreneurs

Feb 11, 2013, Austin, Texas - Empower Lounge, dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs launch and scale businesses to >$1MM, is changing the way content is served to its audience. “Over 90% of information that comes to the brain is visual,” says Misty Gibbs, Founder and Chief Curator of Empower Lounge, “and it has been an important element in our growth to meet the needs of our audience.  Our chief goal is to inspire and empower women to launch and scale their businesses.  Ensuring our content is easy to consume is a key step to that process.”  Content is available for free on the web, mobile and iPad at

Empower Lounge remains in touch with its target audience directly, through feedback loops that drive site-level content, and also by monitoring research studies that reveal trends on a larger scale.  In a study called Women in their Digital Domain, researched in a joint effort between Ogilvy and Mather Chicago, Microsoft and WPP’s Mindshare, they emphasize the three needs women turn to digital for called The Female Need Trifecta - to get the 411, stay connected and have some fun.  “Our goal is to provide all three of these elements to create an engaging online community women consider a smart use of their time yet fun to hang out.” Misty continues, “This took some time to determine the simplest way to deliver content in an exciting structure that is meaningful.”

Empower Lounge has been a resource to thousands of women, featuring a mix of original and curated content.  Misty herself has interviewed successful female entrepreneurs including Christiane Lemiuex, Founder of Dwell Studio, a multi-million dollar business that was bootstrapped out of her apartment and Jen Bilik, founder of Knock Knock, a $10 million gift and stationery brand.  Content goes beyond individual entrepreneurs and includes interviews with other inspiring figures to women business owners, like Brene Brown, a thought leader in the concepts of innovation and daring to dream big.

“Readers tell us over and over that learning about other women making it big, women who were once normal, or average, just like them, inspires them to take chances in their own life,” Misty continued, “and Empower Lounge was founded to be that nudge for women ready to forge their own path.”  The stats for women in business can be inspiring and depressing, depending on how you read them.  According to the Center for Women’s Business Research, more than 50% of firms are owned by women, as at last research cycle in 2008/2009.  Yet, further down, the stats also tell us that only one in five companies with revenue greater than US$1MM is owned by a woman.  Empower Lounge exists to help aspiring and successful women entrepreneurs share their stories and tips from the trenches to support one another.

About Empower Lounge

Empower Lounge is the go-to source and mentoring community for women entrepreneurs launching and building scalable businesses.  Empower Lounge provides a visually-inspiring destination to help women think big, share their wisdom and find the best business advice, resources, tools and events for creating and scaling their company.

About Misty Gibbs

As Founder of Empower Lounge, Misty has seen firsthand how challenging it can be to launch and build a successful brand.  On a mission to give successful and aspiring entrepreneurs a global platform to share their secret weapons and have a go-to source they can trust, Misty leverages her own startup journey and success with several venture-backed online advertising startups, two of which went public.  Misty has shared her entrepreneurial tips at the Austin Women’s Conference, Huffington Post, Forbes Woman and The Women’s Conference.



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