7 ways to help your customers fall more in love with your brand

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Want to build a big, thriving business?

Be different. Make them smile.

Most (if not all) companies miss this piece. All it takes is serving up a dose of fun, a personal experience and inspiration (Top brands like Coca Cola understand this. Their tagline: Open Happiness) to help your business stand out from the competition and get your customers inspired enough to rave about you!

Word of Mouth shared an article: 7 things you’re already doing that could be more remarkable that we loved.

Here’s a quick list they featured on ways to stand out - for all their great tips, read the full article on Word of Mouth here:

1. Your invoices: What if you could make people smile when they opened your bills?

2. Your pricing: Incredibly expensive stuff can get people talking, and low prices can too. But there is a ton of room for creativity here. You could price things at real-time market values - here’s a few ideas on Word of Mouth’s site.

3. Your policies: One of the most legendary policies in the world is how Zappos will take your shoes back a year after you purchased them, no questions asked.

4. Your legalese: With a little collaboration (with your lawyer) and common sense you can transform your crusty legalese into something people actually read and share.

5. Your user guides: Make it simple, helpful, add some humor.

6. Your packaging: You could personalize your plain packages with a little hand-written thank you. Maybe there’s an opportunity to put something unexpected in the box itself.

7. Your business cards: Some might call the business card old-school, but they’re still so widely used that they’re a great chance to make a remarkable impression on the people you meet. When you’re done improving your business cards, take a look at your letterhead, fax cover sheets, email signatures, reception area, and the way you answer your phone.

For the full article and more great ideas, visit Word of Mouth here:

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