Have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? Get the scoop in The Yin of Starting A Business!

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“If you are looking for a really great book on entrepreneurship - look no further! The plusses to this book are: easy-to-read bite size tidbits in the format of bullets, and small sections with great and fun sub-title headings (e.g.; This isn’t Vegas baby!) that address everything from staying fit, focused and motivated to dress code, confidence and marketing/pitching your idea. This really is a soup to nuts books that covers even the smallest details of what it takes to be an entrepreneur and see your dream through…and yes, it even talks about the taboo topic of successful women who built million dollar brands - and how they did it! This is a must have for your library if you are in the process of launching an idea - or if you are already in later stages of seeking funding or finding yourself in the midst of a pivot from your original game plan.” - Cecelia Fresh, Marketing Consultant

Inspired by our interviews with successful women entrepreneurs around the world and our own personal experiences, we created these step-by-step guides with the inside scoop, roadmap and motivation you will need to be wildly successful in your entrepreneurial journey! – Misty and Tanya


Our book “The Yin of Starting A Business”  helps you master the art of entrepreneurship with its step-by-step guide on everything you need to know from coming up with your big idea that customers will love, building your confidence and personal brand to starting and funding a successful business built to scale.

Available on Amazonkobo and Smashwords for only $5.99!

You will come away with:

  • An overview of all the soft skills that will make you a successful entrepreneur
  • A series of life-stretching questions to ask yourself to make sure your personal and business goals align
  • Power tips to help you build confidence, negotiate, create a strong network and captivate audiences with your story
  • The 101 on how to come up with your idea, survey potential customers, start with minimal investment and find the right funding
  • The secrets of women entrepreneurs who have built multi-million dollar brands!
  • Inspirational quotes and wisdom from top women trailblazers around the world to guide you
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