Be Your Brand Missionary and Hire The Dream Believers: Jane Wurwand, Founder of Dermalogica

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Jane Wurwand, founder of the global skincare company Dermalogica, always resonated with me. I thought, here’s a woman who has built a quarter of a billion dollar business over the last 25 years by training skin therapists and innovating products that would physically touch and improve people’s lives…while never compromising her vision, values or mission.

I was fortunate enough to interview Jane again at a recent Step Up Women’s Network event. Since the last time I saw Jane, her nonprofit initiative joinFITE has officially funded 25,000 women entrepreneurs around the globe and she shows no sign of slowing down in leveraging her business platform to make a positive dent in the world.

in this video, Jane reminds us that it is the role of the entrepreneur “to be their brand missionary, right in the beginning and all the way through” to the end because no one can know the brand better and sell the brand dream more passionately than the proud parent. Jane also says to hire those that believe in your dream over fancy pedigrees and resumes.

Whether you work for a company or are venturing on your own, here are 1 of the 4 passionate business tips from Jane for you to relish in! May her words of hard-earned wisdom guide your subconscious business minds as much as they have mine over the years. For our full conversation click here.

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