Don’t miss NPR series: The Changing Lives of Women

2 years ago by in The Daily Buzz, Women In The News
npr_changing_lives_of_womenDon’t miss NPR’s featured series on the Changing Lives of Women. They always do a graceful job of sharing the various perspectives on controversial topics and this one is right up there, Can Women Have It All?

Here are a few worth listening or reading:

An Exploration Of The Changing Lives Of Women >> Read Here

Notes To Self: What’s a piece of advice that has helped you at work. We featured our fave, Do No Harm But Take No Sh*t >> See what women around the world say and make your own sign on Tumblr 

From Mother To Daughter On ‘Having It All’: Anne-Marie Slaughter and her mom discuss the difference between the generations and choices when it comes to having it all >> Listen here

Want More Gender Equality At Work? Go To An Emerging Market >> Read here

All Things Considered host Audie Cornish shares what it means to have it all. >>Read Here


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