Event planners, create a gorgeous event site for free with Splash

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splash_thatThink of Splash as your new one-stop shop for planning your next big event from start to finish!

We know a few companies who spend hours creating custom event pages so they can be gorgeous and reflect their brand. Wow, they are going to be giddy when they see this!

Splash makes it easy to sell out your next big event with their gorgeous site designs, powerful ticket platform and social features that collect your guest photos in real-time as they share them across their social media channels.

Need to track budgets and tasks? They have you covered. Custom domain? Check. Mobile check-ins? Oh yeah!

Here’s our favorite quote from the Splash CEO,Ben Hindman, explaining how they are different from Eventbrite and overall, great business advice:
“A song is a song is a song. But, the way that you package it, the way that it looks, that’s what’s important. And it’s kind of the same with an event. It’s all just about a space, but it’s the way that you present it, and start that event from the second that person hits the page. That’s what we’re pushing at Splash.  Really extending the life of your event both before the event and after the event.”

Click here to create the perfect event site for free with Splash!

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