Meet Rising Star Dr. Goldie Erowele: Co-Founder of CareNovateMag, a platform for caregiving information

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Meet Rising Star Dr. Goldie Erowele, PharmD and Co-founder, of launched in Fall of 2012 as a healthcare consulting, go-to- platform for caregiving information, social health and health literacy insights. Our core audience includes 65+ million health family caregivers, patients and consumers. These include young caregivers with limited information, the sandwich generation families and working moms trying to juggle it all. is all about providing simplified, yet actionable health resources and tools.

Location: Houston, TX

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Tell us about the company you’ve built and the inspiration behind building it.

I was inspired to create while working on another project with my hubby. I’ve always been the go-to research resource, writer, reviewer, and information getter within my network of friends and family. Google and other sites provided information and search results for health information, however I realized I was still fielding numerous calls to verify and understand health related information due limited health literacy. Most are inundated with online information not tailored to address specific care-giving issues and other related questions. According to research, about 80% of adults obtain health information online however 36% of adults in the United States have limited health literacy-22% have Basic and 14% have Below Basic health literacy. An additional 5% of the population is not literate in English. Only 12% of the population has a proficient health literacy level.

With years of experience as a caregiver, certified nursing assistant and clinical pharmacist/drug information specialist, I believed that I can serve my network and others best by creating a centralized platform where  patients, caregivers, those sandwiched in care to get information and insights they need in a simplified manner.

carenovatemagBootstrap and/or raise money – How are you funding your business? Are you seeking capital? is self-funded at this time.  I am always researching potential grants, pursuing sponsorship and collaborations whenever possible to provided best product and information possible.

Going big: What 3 things are you working on to drive growth? 

in 2013, we’re launching a platform that will connect consumers and patients with background screened local caregivers.

Locally and globally, I’m reaching out to women, sandwich generation families, and the caregiving community to build brand awareness by serving as guest blogger/writer. I am hosting various events, recently via Twitter chats and Google Hangouts to share and learn more about caregiving and healthcare innovations pertinent to caregivers and women. I’m connecting with local entrepreneurs via networking events, volunteering, speaking on health, wellness and pharmacy related topics. Social media has been amazing getting the word out about; I have folks reaching out to contribute health content. I have regular healthcare contributors via LinkedIn contributing dental and public health issue content.

Staying connected: Which national and local networking organizations, conferences have you found most valuable?

Texas Conference for Women was an amazing experience for me. Tory Johnson’s Spark & Hustle was superb. Women CEO Project by Kristi Jackson in the Houston area is just a fantastic resource locally and globally. I have some amazing women, friend and connections that I wouldn’t have otherwise. EmpowerLounge is another wonderful resource.

Must-have business tools: What tools + apps are helping you run your business efficiently?

Google calendar is a must. I also use it personally for family events and kid’s schedules. Google Task is fantastic. I can add my task and sync it with gmail account. Hootsuite for social media updates to our various social media channels.

Challenges: What is holding you back and how can we help you? 

Funding, capital. We have some many projects, programs in the works that we will love to make available to caregivers and families. We want to create brand awareness of! We have a e-book coming out soon.  We are welcoming strategic alliances, sponsors and partnerships to develop educational programs for caregivers.  We are so excited, grateful and honored to be featured on EmpowerLounge!

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