Seth Godin on Books, Business, Choices and Life: Good Life Project

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We are huge fans of Jonathan Fields, creator of the Good Life Project, a weekly web show featuring acclaimed entrepreneurs, artists, authors and thought leaders. Inspired by his daughter - Jonathan’s mission is to not only feature the great work of men but give powerful women a platform to share their stories. Something he feels mainstream media doesn’t cover enough and we could’t agree more!

In this interview, Jonathan hangs out with Seth Godin (a mentor to millions) to answer the question many of us lose sleep over:

What If I Choose Wrong?

Seth’s answer: it doesn’t matter.

What’s more important is simply that you choose! The only wrong choice is no choice.

Settle in and get ready to be inspired!

P.S. Jonathan is also author of a must-read book: Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt into the Fuel For Brilliance.

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