Tina Seelig: How To Find The Million Dollars In The Room

2 years ago by in Best of The Web, Leadership + Speaking, Mentors Unplugged

In any room, there’s a million dollars waiting for you - you just have to find it. - Carlos Vinola

If you haven’t heard Tina Seelig’s lectures, you’re in for a treat. She’s the Executive Director for Stanford Technology Ventures Program and gives inspiring talks around entrepreneurship and innovation.

In this video, Tina talks about how to make your own luck. Hard work is imperative, but it doesn’t always mean a fortunate outcome. It takes optimism, an open mind, shrewd networking skills, and the ability to find the veiled “million dollars in the room.” Seelig shares a personal story where, through perseverance and curiosity, she turned an encounter with a stranger over frozen lemonade in a grocery store into a long-lasting relationship and a helicopter ride to a private ski resort overseas.

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