Why Female Founders Need Male Mentors

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Shared by Misty Gibbs, Empower Lounge Founder

i couldn’t agree more with the Inc. article:
Why Female Founders Need Male Mentors.

I worked in the male-dominated, online advertising industry for over 10-years and can say the men I worked with along the way played a big role in my success. They were my biggest champions, encouraging me to step up and tap into my potential during times when I didn’t think I was up for the challenge.

This is one reason why on Empower Lounge, I make sure to feature great advice from male entrepreneurs. I want to encourage collaboration and not more of the women vs. men mentality that saturates top business sites.

A panel of female entrepreneurs and investors shared great advice at the International Women’s Forum World Leadership Conference on how they found success in start-ups by embracing what they could learn from men.

“I would challenge the women of the future: Don’t let the numbers intimidate you. Don’t walk into a classroom and say, ‘There are no girls here, so I’m leaving.’” -Ann Muira-Ko, Venture capitalist and Stanford professor

“You can’t care what other people think about you. One thing we can do if we want more female entrepreneurs is not insist that girls toe the line all the time. More women need to take risks and be a little different.” -Mariam Naficy, Founder of Minted.com

“I’ve been a survivor of male-dominated areas,” Muira-Ko says. How did she survive? By learning from the men in her space.

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