Hot conversations: Don’t Lean In. Walk Out.

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If every woman who is worn out by an unappreciative employer decided to withdraw her talents–and reinvested her brainpower and energy in her own venture, whether for profit or nonprofit-we’ll have a real revolution on our hands. Not all of these women would succeed. But a lot of them would. And the confidence they would gain would fuel a lot of other changes that corporate America will never make. -Elaine Pfeldt

lean_in-quoteThere’s a lot of buzz and words flying around about Sheryl Sandberg’s new book, Lean In. Elaine Pofeldt’s article on Forbes -  Don’t Lean In. Walk Out - has to be one of our favorites about entrepreneurship being the solution for women who are leaning in, ready to change the world but stifled by the lack of progress companies are making.

Below are several highlights from Elaine’s article - you can read the full article on >> Forbes.

Why are we still talking about women’s careers as if working for a big corporation, big government or big institution is the only possible way to achieve anything of value–and that the only alternative for women who can’t make that lifestyle work is dropping out of the workforce? It’s time that we give more attention to self employment as a route for women to succeed and make a difference.

Many women would be better off if they cut the cord from unappreciative employers and put their energy into creating great jobs for themselves (and maybe others, too), where they could set new rules. They just need to learn how from entrepreneurs who have done it successfully.

Why spend so much energy trying to change institutions that are stuck in the past?

What society really needs right now is a guru to show more women how to start their own new ventures–whether it is one-person professional services businesses, fast-growing tech startups, charter schools, or nonprofits–in the areas where they have passion and expertise. Of course, we would like to think Empower Lounge is playing a part in this!

We all look at corporate jobs as “safe,” but maybe it’s time to rethink that. Starting a business may be less risky than taking a corporate job for many women. More women would probably consider business ownership if they had a chance to learn ways to reduce the risk–like launching a new venture part time while you’re still employed and teaming up with a partner who has skills you lack.

Don’t miss all the goodness. Read the full article at Forbes.

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