Mentor and Angel Investor: Gotham Gal, Joanne Wilson, on why she invests in women entrepreneurs

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[quote author="" image="" w="100"]I want to help people execute on their dreams. It is important to support women because they are not getting funded as often. There are great ideas and great companies, and I want to support them to the point where people in the investment world see the opportunity that these women have created and the strength of their businesses. ~Joanne Wilson, Gotham Gal[/quote]

Read Venture Beat’s feature with Joanne Wilson here.

Our favorite part and why you should not give up but pivot: 

When Founders Carla Holtze and Kimberly Skelton first approached Wilson with their Have to Have idea, she turned them down. They considered her feedback and made significant changes to their model, which impressed Wilson to the point of investing. “These women spent six months literally re-doing the entire business, came back and pitched me again,” Wilson said. “I had to give them a huge amount of credit for making the shift and loved the angle they are going at it. It has both a consumer engagement and an business-to-business enterprise solution.”

Joanne Wilson features women entrepreneurs on her blog, Gotham Gal, every Monday.

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