New! Join our video Q & A on crowdfunding with Candace Klein, SoMoLend Founder

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candace_klein_1Join us live in the lounge for an open Q & A with Candace Klein, SoMoLend Founder and Misty, Empower Lounge Founder, on crowdfunding, best resources and how small businesses are securing loans using SoMoLend.

When: Thursday, May 16th 1:00 CST

Duration: 20 minutes

Why you need to join us: Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs, get motivated and ask those burning questions.

About SoMoLo Lend: SoMoLend is a site for lending for small businesses in the US, providing debt-based investment funding to qualified businesses with existing operations and revenue. Somolend has partnered with banks to provide loans, as well as helping small business owners bring their friends and family into the effort. They were recently featured in Forbes as Top 10 crowdfunding sites for fundraising.

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