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Shared by Misty Gibbs, Founder of Empower Lounge

We’ve only scratched the surface on all the big things we have planned to help you launch + build a successful business!

If you love what we’re doing in the lounge then here’s an opportunity to play a greater part and earn some karma! Inspired by your feedback, your support will give us the financial fuel necessary to stay bootstrapped and focused on helping you get connected, fired up and armed with the best-of-the-best for your business!

We’ve partnered with Tinypass to make it easy for our readers and fans to support everything we do here to empower women around the world.

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We want the lounge to be….

  • Your daily stop for business advice from the trenches, resources that work, and events not to be missed!
  • Your inside access to online chats and Q & A’s with successful women who’ve built $1M+ businesses!
  • Your cup of coffee and green juice to help you get fired up, motivated and be fearless!

We want to….

  • Connect you with like-minded women in your industry, across the globe and down the street who think and play big just like you.
  • Provide women entrepreneurs around the world with a platform to share their stories and goods.
  • Provide best-in-class tools and step-by-step guides on how to scale your business.
  • Help you access funding and special offers from partners

What a few of our fans say…. 

Thank you for doing such a great job on my feature! You really made it stand out from the rest! - Brené Brown

Your site is winning me over!  And considering how intensely busy I am - that’s REALLY saying something! -Leslie Stiba, City Bébé

Love, LOVE the new site!!! It is beautiful, organized and user friendly. GREAT JOB!!! - Kris Wagner Wittenberg, Be Good To People

I saw your newsletter in my inbox and opened it. In fact, it was more than just opening it - I READ IT. This is a remarkable accomplishment on your behalf! I receive so many newsletters and so many of them are crap. Kudos! - Cassandra Rae

We are all in. She did it, we can too!

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