Top 10 business tools fitbook founder, Angela Manzanares, uses to stay focused, sane and successful

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The new sexy: women entrepreneurs divulging their secret weapons and favorite business tools for staying sane, focused, connected and revenue flowing in!

In our interview with empower mentor + fitbook founder, Angela Manzanares, she shares the inside scoop on how she landed Target and grew the fitbook, fitness journal into a $1M+ brand. After five years in business, Angela has learned a thing or two about which business tools + apps are a must-have.

Don’t miss the full interview - you can read it here.

Let’s get down to the juicy, geeky stuff.

Here’s Angela’s Top 10 Business Tools for her business:

  1. For getting cheap incorporation, trademarks, etc…eventually you need a business attorney but this is perfect to start!
  2. For managing my LONG to-do list from my computer, phone, or even print it out to (gasp!) write on!
  3. Free tool for groups to manage projects together – so intuitive and easy
  4. Google docs: To avoid versioning issues on documents that you share with your team
  5. SelfRestraint: App to block certain websites, like facebook (when I need to focus).
  6. Alibaba: For sourcing products overseas
  7. Salesforce (group edition): Cheap way to manage customers and know at any one point in time what’s going on with bigger accounts…integrates with Outlook and Mailchimp which we FINALLY figured out…priceless!
  8. Mailchimp for email newsletters: LOVE, nuff’ said
  9. Keypass for passwords: Free little desktop app that I can organize and save ALL my passwords in one place so I don’t have to remember them all!!!
  10. HARO for press: Free daily emails with opportunities for press

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